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Katie Hoff Breaks Record With Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit

Congratulations goes to the new 400m IM world record holder Katie Hoff.  Without a doubt, some credit goes to the low-drag Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit she was wearing. Nevertheless, she is a powerful swimmer.

The important questions to ask are this fair and is she any faster than a swimmer 20 years ago not using this swimsuit?

Since technology continues improve, I doubt that her record will stand very long.  You can only push the human body to certain limits.  All other records in the past 20 years were the result of some advancement in science whether that’s in a form of Speedo LZR swimsuit or some other enhancement.

But what other alternatives do athletes have? We can’t have them racing around naked can we?  This of course would yield the true measure of the human body and we would have records that only the brave and modest would attain.

But I doubt that we would see Katie Hoff or any other swimmer in this form outside of Naked Olympics.  While her record stands for the moment, it will not last long and will be broken again this summer in China.

Diablo 3’s Release Date Still Undecided

Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Yes it’s true Diablo fans, Diablo III is real and from the looks of it should be out by Christmas 2008. Now Blizzard hasn’t committed to an official date since:

It’s too early to estimate Diablo III’s release date. As with all Blizzard Entertainment games, our goal is to create a game that is as fun, balanced, and polished as possible. We intend to take as much time developing Diablo III as is necessary to ensure the game meets our own high expectations and those of our players.

But as you can see from the gameplay trailers, Blizzard has invested large amounts of time into the project and a release is just around the corner.

Diablo III Screen Shot 22

Verne “Mini Me” Troyer Sex Tape Loses Its Mojo

Good news for Verne “Mini Me” Troyer who received a restraining order against distribution of the sex tape of he and his ex-girlfriend.  The 25 second intro on TMZ was too much for me.

I just don’t understand why these stars have some desire to make a video that they know will expose themselves to embarrassment and shame. In my honest opinion, the world doesn’t need a voyeur Troyer sex tape.

Lara Logan’s Swimsuit Causes Affair

Lara “34d” Logan and her shapely swimsuit body is at the top of the of the Hollywood Sex Scandal list. The rumor of multiple affairs while acting as a CBS occupation reporter in IRAQ and Afghanistan may or may not be true, but it’s not hard to see why any male would not want her after seeing pictures of her in her swimsuit.

Now I don’t blame Lara Logan for being beautiful, but some how I gotta believe that the pictures of the former swimsuit model causes every man to lust after her causing so much pressure that she breaks down to have an affair.

Tim McGraw Fights With Fan

The McGraw couple are a couple of fighters. First you have Faith Hill defending her husband after a over zealous fan grabs Tim’s crotch and now Tim McGraw comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress at his Auburn Washington Tuesday fight night.

Now it wasn’t much of a fight, but it took Tim McGraw, two security guards and who knows how many fans below to lift this beer-belly fan onto the stage for ejection. But McGraw managed to complete his song “Indian Outlaw” without missing a beat.

Seattle Mariners Pitcher Felix Hernandez Hits Grand Slam

My baseball cap off to Felix Hernandez. It’s not everyday that a pitcher hits a home run but Hernandez, a
Seattle Mariners pitcher, became the first American League pitcher in 37 years hit a grand slam.

Hernandez hit the grand slam during the second inning of the Major League Baseball game against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium.

Can You Find the Rabbit on Cindy Margolis?

It took a bit of time — and a little hunting around — to find the hidden rabbit on Cindy Margolis in the July issue of Playboy. I finally found the little fury creature after looking at all the wrong places. Here’s a clue: where do rabbits hide?

So if your head has been in the rabbit hole and don’t know who Cindy is, Cindy Margolis is a supermodel, actress, producer, author and mother.

IMO, her most important role was a Fembot in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” where she was “just groovy baby.” But later, and appropriate roles on Bay Watch were equal important to get her some exposure, if you know what I mean.

Cindy Margolis grew up in the San Fernando Valley with hopes of being a Hollywood star and began modeling for her own greeting card line. With her natural beauty, it wasn’t too long before she was noticed.

Besides her modeling career, Ms. Margolis is an author who wrote “Having a Baby – When the Old Fashioned way isn’t working”. Her book is scheduled for release at the end of this year.

Ice Road Truckers – Big Blizzard Cools Off West Coast Heat Wave

With sweltering temperatures on the West Coast, the Ice Road Truckers will be a refreshing show that promises to cool you off tonight.  I just hope that the show tonight will not put me asleep at the wheel again.

There’s something missing in season two.  Perhaps the newness of the show just wore off or the baldness of the drivers simply are causing the show to loose traction.

But there’s a big blizzard that makes the roads impassable and dangerous.  This means that the roads are shutdown with hardly no action.

It looks like Drew is going to get to drive on the ice tonight. But in his typically un-ice-trucker like character gets sick.  I sure hope he tosses up a few cookies instead of that “not tonight dear, I have a headache” attitude.

Yawn…  Ice Road Truckers is already putting me asleep just thinking about it.

Ice on Mars – Where’s the Rest of the Water?

It’s not surprising that  the Mars lander found ice on the north pole of Mars. But you have to realize that over 1 billion years ago, Mars was a thriving planet much like earth is today.  The ancient alien civilization which once inhabited the planet transported most of its technology and remaining life to the nearest planet, earth.

But what solar disaster caused the water (H2O) on Mars to disappear?  Was there some ozone hole that exposed too much solar energy causing the molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen with eventual dissipation into the black matter of space?

One can only theorize how a once thriving planet was destroyed and left barren. But with ice on Mars, there is hope that some day life may return to that planet.

June Quadruple Witching – My Prediction: Stocks Slip as Oil Hits $160

With Quadruple Witching hour loomin over our heads, I predict today that equity markets are headed south.  I expect oil to hit a record high of $160 per barrel as the Chinese fail to raise taxes to cut demand for gasoline consumption in their country.

Now this is about as rediculuos as the rumor sparked by Vice President Cheney stating the Communists Chinese drilling for oil off the cost of Florida. Granted, Cheney later rescinded the argument, but we are in weird times and the quadruple witching hour will make it no less.

The spell of the hour, the brings a burst of activity as option and future traders try to close positons creating swings in market volumn.  This witching hour should be entail more activity with the recent rule change of automatic option exercising of in money options of only one cent.  Previously options had to be in the money greater than $0.05.

It gives me a strange feeling that this change was introduced just in time for quadruple witching when it could have easily been pushed out to the July expiration date.  Not that I’m a big player in the options market, but sometimes I think somebody is brewing up some trouble.

Victoria Secret Sued Over Defective Thong

Victoria Secret is being sued over a defective thong.  I can’t speak from experience, but thongs look pretty uncomfortable to wear but according to Lis Sowerbutts,  the plaintiff, Marcida Patterson, claims her thong attacked her.

Apparently, a piece of metal on the defective thong flew off  and struck her in the eye while putting on her panties.

When asked to produce to offending thong, the plaintiff’s lawyers failed to produce the item.

Charlotte Church Pregnant Again

No rumor to this, Charlotte Church announce that she is pregnant again for the second time.  Ms. Church is expecting her second child with Rugby Player and boyfriend Gavin Henson.

Church delivered the couples first child, Ruby Henson, last September.

I Hate the New York Mets

In my opinion, the New York Mets is absolutely the worst baseball team on the planet.  Since I hate the Mets, I’m sad to see Willie Randolph get fired.  His great skills as a manager kept the team right where they belong: 4th place, almost in dead last.

Dawn Wells Confesses About Marijuana Possession

Dawn Wells, who played Maryanne on the 60’s Gilligan’s Island, opened up about her Marijuana possession.

I fell in love with Maryanne when I was a kid, and It just broke my heart when she got busted for pot.  Now she’s putting blame on a friend saying it belonged to someone else.

1500 lb Super Earth Man Needs to Lose Weight

If you haven’t heard the about the Super Earth discovered, it’s about 7.5 the mass of Earth.

Thought of the day: If the gravity is proportional to the mass difference, my 200 lb frame is 1500 lbs on that planet.  Now that’s phat and I need to go on a diet.

Tiger Woods Wins but Loses Composure On 14th

It took 19 holes to for Tiger Woods to prove that he is the 2008 US Open Champion.  Sometimes the 19th hole is referred in golf as the club house bar, but this time he won it in double overtime on the 7th against Rocco Mediate.

Tiger went ahead early with a +3 lead only to blow it on the 14th and went -1 to Rocco after Rocco’s amazing birdie streak.  But Woods caught up to him again on the 18th forcing a double playoff.

Back to the 7th hole, Woods drives a monster shot past the bunker which Rocco manages to hit.

It was all over then Rocco duffs his shot into the stands and is forced to drop.

My Prediction: Tiger Woods Wins the US Open

I may eat my words today after the 2008 US Open playoff, but Tiger Woods will win the US Open.

Rocco Mediate doesn’t have a chance.  I have to admit that he’s an excellent golfer, but does he has it when the pressure is on?

Who do you think will win today? Tiger or Mediate?

Harry Potter Actor Emma Watson Brews New Perfume

The rumor maybe true that Emma Watson is thew new model for the Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

It was reported all over the web that Watson accepted a £3 million offer to represent the fragrance.

The Harry Potter actor is expected to co-announce the deal with Chanel next month.

Katherine von Drachenberg Nolonger Fastest Tattooer

Katherine von Drachenberg, AKA KAT on the reality show LA INK, lost her title as the fastest tattooer for a 24 Hr period.

The new record holder goes to tattoo artist Oliver Peck who tattooed 415 tattoos in a 24hr period. This is an average of one tattoo for every 3 1/2 minutes.

Despite that KAT lost her title to Peck, I still love Drachenberg’s work and especially LA INK. Katherine von Drachenberg, who appeared in Miami Ink, was offered her own show after she could not handle the heat.

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