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MacKenzie Phillips Arrested at LAX for Drug Possession

One Day at a Time star MacKenzie Phillips was arrested at LAX after she was allegedly caught in possession of heroin and cocaine.

Apparently she didn’t realize that they go through your baggage and frisk you if you can’t make it pass the metal detector cause they found bags and balloons that looked suspicious. Duh.

It was unclear if a full cavity search was used to extract any additional evidence from MacKenzie Phillips.

Obama/Biden = Obama/Bi(n La)den 2008

Interesting play on words that the Fascists running this cuntry will come up to scare you by equating the Obama/Biden 2008 ticket by simply inserting “n La” between the “id” in Joe Biden’s name to get Obama/Bin Laden.

The Fascists who have taken over the media continue telling lies to America over the past 12 years when Bubba deregulated the media industry has caused a perception shift of the definition of  “conservative.”

When American Fascists “wink and nods” at another Georgia Dictator to start a war with the Russians — an American puppet dictator that makes Stallin look like Mother Theresa — Americans run scared and look to these Fascists for protection.

They look for a “Maverick” with a short temper and short fuse to strike back and lead our country to the “Gates of Hell” of a nuclear war.  Just how many more people will have to die before McInsane takes over the polls and wins this election?

Yes, the Fascists have moved the center of “conservatism” way over to the right so that anyone who was once considered centered Reagan Democrat is now a far far left liberal.  I’m I the only one who sees this?  Or are you blinded by this Fascism that has run a muck in America?

This is why I’m going to vote for Obama/Biden this year, because I’m a Republican for Obama.

How Many Houses Does McCain Have?

Apparently John  McCain doesn’t know how many houses he has.  Either he’s losing his memory or he’s just embarrassed to tell people that he’s so rich it simply doesn’t matter.

While our country is going down the drain and lots of voters are losing their shirts and houses, all McCain can do is complain that Obama is living in a 1.65 million dollar mansion he bought in 2005.

That mansion, a nice little home in the Chicago suburbs, is probably worth 1.2 million today. Like everyone else in this country, Obama took a nice loss on his home.

But McCain, who can’t even recall how many houses he has, nor doesn’t even care, has no concept of money.  These mega millionaires don’t even care, it’s all a game to them.  Do you think that McCain cares how many houses he has or even cares if you don’t have one anymore?

Four German Olympic Women Pose Nude for Playboy

The Telegraph reported today that German Olympic women athletes have posed nude for the German edition of Playboy.

Topless photos of hockey player Katharina Scholz, sailor Petra Niemann, judo competitor Romy Tarangul and canoeist Nicole Reinhardt are published on four alternative front covers of the latest German edition of the adult magazine.

I’ve always been a proponent of bringing back nude Olympics to rule out unfair technological advances, but the German Olympic Playboy models have gone too far.

Florida Lies in Hurricane Fay’s Projected Path

NOAA is reporting that Florida lies in the way of Hurricane Fay’s projected path. Visitors and tourists of the Keys were ordered to evacuate the oncoming tropical storm.

NOAA expects Fay to upgrade to a category one hurricane once it hits the projected path on the South Western tip of Florida.

December 2008: Was the impact as bad as we thought?

Bigfoot or Big Hoax?

The Searching for Bigfoot press release was somewhat disappointing with lots of skeptical journalists trying to get down to facts. Facts that DNA evidence do not support.

As reported in CNN:

“They released a purported DNA result, although it was uncertain if the DNA info was supposed to be compared to other primates.”

According to Reuters, Bigfoot is simply a huge opossum:

“One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, according to Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the DNA analysis.”

Sorry folks, the Whitton-Dyer Bigfoot is simply a hoax.

Mikhail Gorbachev Claims Georgia Started War

According to CNN, Mikhail Gorbachev claims that Georgia started the war when they attacked Tskhinvali and Russia responded by defending it’s country.

Gorbachev told CNN’s Larry King that Russia moved additional forces into South Ossetia in response to “devastation” in the South Ossetia city of Tskhinvali.

Is this a precursor to a larger scale war with US forces moving a massive armada to the Persian Gulf?

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