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Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again.  The poor girl, sister of Britney Spears, somehow forgot the facts of life that you can’t get pregnant when you’re pregnant but you can when you’re not.

I really don’t blame her for giving into the pressure — it’s a natural instinct to breed — and in these times of war and financial crisis, it’s perfectly natural for survival of the our race.  How else would we keep our insanity?

Yes, Bill O’Reilly will hammer on Fox News tonight that Jamie Lynn is “trailer trash,” for getting pregnant again and carefully tiptoe around the fact that Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter is also unwed and pregnant.

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again.  Life is a blessing, let’s all pray that she has a healthy baby.

Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern Married

I thought that Ostrosky and Stern would never get married. But here’s a few wedding pictures for you:

Shock jock Howard Stern and model Beth Ostrosky are making it official! The couple is getting married tonight at Le Cirque, where they have booked the entire restaurant.

“Galloping Gourmet” Julia Child an OSS Spy

The National Archives released documents identifying the legendary “Galloping Gourmet” chef Julia Child as an OSS spy.

The documents listed over 24,000 individuals, including Julia Child, whom worked as World War II operatives in defeating fascist Germany.

During WW II, Child worked at OSS Headquarters in Washington D.C. for General William J. Donovan where she typed up thousands of names on white note cards used to keep track of officers.

Verne “Mini Me” Troyer Sex Tape Loses Its Mojo

Good news for Verne “Mini Me” Troyer who received a restraining order against distribution of the sex tape of he and his ex-girlfriend.  The 25 second intro on TMZ was too much for me.

I just don’t understand why these stars have some desire to make a video that they know will expose themselves to embarrassment and shame. In my honest opinion, the world doesn’t need a voyeur Troyer sex tape.

Lara Logan’s Swimsuit Causes Affair

Lara “34d” Logan and her shapely swimsuit body is at the top of the of the Hollywood Sex Scandal list. The rumor of multiple affairs while acting as a CBS occupation reporter in IRAQ and Afghanistan may or may not be true, but it’s not hard to see why any male would not want her after seeing pictures of her in her swimsuit.

Now I don’t blame Lara Logan for being beautiful, but some how I gotta believe that the pictures of the former swimsuit model causes every man to lust after her causing so much pressure that she breaks down to have an affair.

Can You Find the Rabbit on Cindy Margolis?

It took a bit of time — and a little hunting around — to find the hidden rabbit on Cindy Margolis in the July issue of Playboy. I finally found the little fury creature after looking at all the wrong places. Here’s a clue: where do rabbits hide?

So if your head has been in the rabbit hole and don’t know who Cindy is, Cindy Margolis is a supermodel, actress, producer, author and mother.

IMO, her most important role was a Fembot in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” where she was “just groovy baby.” But later, and appropriate roles on Bay Watch were equal important to get her some exposure, if you know what I mean.

Cindy Margolis grew up in the San Fernando Valley with hopes of being a Hollywood star and began modeling for her own greeting card line. With her natural beauty, it wasn’t too long before she was noticed.

Besides her modeling career, Ms. Margolis is an author who wrote “Having a Baby – When the Old Fashioned way isn’t working”. Her book is scheduled for release at the end of this year.

Ice Road Truckers – Big Blizzard Cools Off West Coast Heat Wave

With sweltering temperatures on the West Coast, the Ice Road Truckers will be a refreshing show that promises to cool you off tonight.  I just hope that the show tonight will not put me asleep at the wheel again.

There’s something missing in season two.  Perhaps the newness of the show just wore off or the baldness of the drivers simply are causing the show to loose traction.

But there’s a big blizzard that makes the roads impassable and dangerous.  This means that the roads are shutdown with hardly no action.

It looks like Drew is going to get to drive on the ice tonight. But in his typically un-ice-trucker like character gets sick.  I sure hope he tosses up a few cookies instead of that “not tonight dear, I have a headache” attitude.

Yawn…  Ice Road Truckers is already putting me asleep just thinking about it.

Dawn Wells Confesses About Marijuana Possession

Dawn Wells, who played Maryanne on the 60’s Gilligan’s Island, opened up about her Marijuana possession.

I fell in love with Maryanne when I was a kid, and It just broke my heart when she got busted for pot.  Now she’s putting blame on a friend saying it belonged to someone else.

Harry Potter Actor Emma Watson Brews New Perfume

The rumor maybe true that Emma Watson is thew new model for the Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

It was reported all over the web that Watson accepted a £3 million offer to represent the fragrance.

The Harry Potter actor is expected to co-announce the deal with Chanel next month.

Katherine von Drachenberg Nolonger Fastest Tattooer

Katherine von Drachenberg, AKA KAT on the reality show LA INK, lost her title as the fastest tattooer for a 24 Hr period.

The new record holder goes to tattoo artist Oliver Peck who tattooed 415 tattoos in a 24hr period. This is an average of one tattoo for every 3 1/2 minutes.

Despite that KAT lost her title to Peck, I still love Drachenberg’s work and especially LA INK. Katherine von Drachenberg, who appeared in Miami Ink, was offered her own show after she could not handle the heat.

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