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Michael Phelps Bong Picture: A Gold Medal Toker

Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Michael Phelps hit the news today or should I say, the news caught him in a picture taking a hit from a bong.  I don’t want to sound prudent — because in every right I’m just as bad as Michael Phelps — but what he did was wrong.

I’m not going to argue that Marijuana has it’s qualities and perhaps is the “wonder drugs” that God or this planet freely gives to us to cure a wide range of aliments from Glaucoma to Alzheimers; I’m not going to argue that Hemp probably is the most resilient textile product and endless renewable energy resource; but, what I’m going to argue is that because Governments know these facts, they keep the plant illegal.

Thus, the fact that Marijuana is illegal, will drive the market to criminal organizations that trade in the product.  This highly corrupt and competitive market leads to crime and ultimately murder of both innocent and guilty parties.

Even though the argument is often used that Marijuana is a harmless drug, to deliver the product to the end user came with a hefty price attached and legalized Marijuana is the the only solution to endless crime and murder to support the underground infrastructure.

I don’t have a problem with Michael Phelps taking a bong load; but, as all users of the drug, we need to understand that we are indirectly hurting innocent people in the long run.

Go Bama! Alabama #1 Beats Auburn University

Auburn University took a wooping against the number one rated college Alabama football team.  You can tell I’m excited since I’m a Crimson Tide Fan.

My girlfriend, who is now pouting, of course loves the Auburn Tigers.  But she still loves me especially when I’ve been prancing around in my Crimson Tide sweatshirt all afternoon. 

I’ll say it again “Go Bama! Alabama #1 Beats Auburn University!”

Jamie Moyer the Energizer Bunny

I’m proud to say that I’m Jamie Moyer‘s age, don’t need Viagra, and don’t feel like an old man. But tonight’s game, Moyer is

still going strong at age 45, Moyer has the admiration of his teammates but hardly strikes fear into opposing batters. He didn’t throw particularly hard when he was young — and still carries around an old scouting report to prove it — but somehow still gets by today with a fastball that tops out in the low 80s.

I don’t know how much longer Jamie Moyer will last but he sure is the “Energizer Bunny” of baseball.

O.J. Simpson Found Guilty on All Charges

A Las Vegas Jury produced a guilty verdict of kidnapping and armed robbery charges against O.J. Simpson 13 years to the date after OJ was acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Simpson is being held without bail until he is sentenced on December 5.

Four German Olympic Women Pose Nude for Playboy

The Telegraph reported today that German Olympic women athletes have posed nude for the German edition of Playboy.

Topless photos of hockey player Katharina Scholz, sailor Petra Niemann, judo competitor Romy Tarangul and canoeist Nicole Reinhardt are published on four alternative front covers of the latest German edition of the adult magazine.

I’ve always been a proponent of bringing back nude Olympics to rule out unfair technological advances, but the German Olympic Playboy models have gone too far.

The Secret Michael Phelps Diet

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has a secret diet that keeps him fit and trim: just eat about 10 times more food than an normal person does everyday.

To offset the 12,000 per day calorie diet, Phelps swims and swims and swims…   You would be surprised what Phelps eats in this diet video:

Debbie Clemens Probed About HGH

Debbie and Roger Clemens SI

Debbie and Roger Clemens

Did Debbie Clemens take HGH to get ready for the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo? I don’t believe that she did — and if she did — it would not have any effect on her killer body which takes years to obtain.

But there was evidence provided that suggests that HGH may have been around the time of the photo shoot and it is causing additional probing into this Clemens’ fiasco. Now I don’t want to be anal about this, but the NY Daily News reported that,

According to the sources, the timing of the shipment to Clemens’ home coincides roughly with the dates when Clemens’ wife, Debbie, used human growth hormone in preparation for her participation in a pictorial in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The real issue here is do you believe that Debbie Clemens used HGH or did she get that way from working out hard?

Katie Hoff Breaks Record With Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit

Congratulations goes to the new 400m IM world record holder Katie Hoff.  Without a doubt, some credit goes to the low-drag Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit she was wearing. Nevertheless, she is a powerful swimmer.

The important questions to ask are this fair and is she any faster than a swimmer 20 years ago not using this swimsuit?

Since technology continues improve, I doubt that her record will stand very long.  You can only push the human body to certain limits.  All other records in the past 20 years were the result of some advancement in science whether that’s in a form of Speedo LZR swimsuit or some other enhancement.

But what other alternatives do athletes have? We can’t have them racing around naked can we?  This of course would yield the true measure of the human body and we would have records that only the brave and modest would attain.

But I doubt that we would see Katie Hoff or any other swimmer in this form outside of Naked Olympics.  While her record stands for the moment, it will not last long and will be broken again this summer in China.

Seattle Mariners Pitcher Felix Hernandez Hits Grand Slam

My baseball cap off to Felix Hernandez. It’s not everyday that a pitcher hits a home run but Hernandez, a
Seattle Mariners pitcher, became the first American League pitcher in 37 years hit a grand slam.

Hernandez hit the grand slam during the second inning of the Major League Baseball game against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium.

I Hate the New York Mets

In my opinion, the New York Mets is absolutely the worst baseball team on the planet.  Since I hate the Mets, I’m sad to see Willie Randolph get fired.  His great skills as a manager kept the team right where they belong: 4th place, almost in dead last.

Tiger Woods Wins but Loses Composure On 14th

It took 19 holes to for Tiger Woods to prove that he is the 2008 US Open Champion.  Sometimes the 19th hole is referred in golf as the club house bar, but this time he won it in double overtime on the 7th against Rocco Mediate.

Tiger went ahead early with a +3 lead only to blow it on the 14th and went -1 to Rocco after Rocco’s amazing birdie streak.  But Woods caught up to him again on the 18th forcing a double playoff.

Back to the 7th hole, Woods drives a monster shot past the bunker which Rocco manages to hit.

It was all over then Rocco duffs his shot into the stands and is forced to drop.

My Prediction: Tiger Woods Wins the US Open

I may eat my words today after the 2008 US Open playoff, but Tiger Woods will win the US Open.

Rocco Mediate doesn’t have a chance.  I have to admit that he’s an excellent golfer, but does he has it when the pressure is on?

Who do you think will win today? Tiger or Mediate?

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