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Tiger Woods Wins but Loses Composure On 14th

It took 19 holes to for Tiger Woods to prove that he is the 2008 US Open Champion.  Sometimes the 19th hole is referred in golf as the club house bar, but this time he won it in double overtime on the 7th against Rocco Mediate.

Tiger went ahead early with a +3 lead only to blow it on the 14th and went -1 to Rocco after Rocco’s amazing birdie streak.  But Woods caught up to him again on the 18th forcing a double playoff.

Back to the 7th hole, Woods drives a monster shot past the bunker which Rocco manages to hit.

It was all over then Rocco duffs his shot into the stands and is forced to drop.

My Prediction: Tiger Woods Wins the US Open

I may eat my words today after the 2008 US Open playoff, but Tiger Woods will win the US Open.

Rocco Mediate doesn’t have a chance.  I have to admit that he’s an excellent golfer, but does he has it when the pressure is on?

Who do you think will win today? Tiger or Mediate?

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