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July 1 — I’m Breaking the Law

Today is July 1, 2008 and I know I’m going to break the law.  If they don’t get me for smoking on the sidewalk, I’m sure that they’ll get me for talking on my cell phone while driving.

There are so many laws that changed over night that I don’t know what was legal yesterday and what is illegal today.

And so life goes on.

I believe that blogging is still legal in the United States today. But it won’t be for long after the neo-Nazis take away “free” speech and you’re going to forced to listen to government sponsored media.

But one last word and I think you’ll understand why it’s illegal to talk on the cell phone why driving.  Have you ever noticed that it’s nearly impossible to understand and hear the conversation while driving?  If you can’t, neither can the government.

Enough of the conspiracies for today, happy July 1.

Ice on Mars – Where’s the Rest of the Water?

It’s not surprising that  the Mars lander found ice on the north pole of Mars. But you have to realize that over 1 billion years ago, Mars was a thriving planet much like earth is today.  The ancient alien civilization which once inhabited the planet transported most of its technology and remaining life to the nearest planet, earth.

But what solar disaster caused the water (H2O) on Mars to disappear?  Was there some ozone hole that exposed too much solar energy causing the molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen with eventual dissipation into the black matter of space?

One can only theorize how a once thriving planet was destroyed and left barren. But with ice on Mars, there is hope that some day life may return to that planet.

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