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Diablo 3 Release Date in 2012

Truly I don’t know if I can wait any longer than next year to play Diablo 3 — and I hope Q3 2011 prediction is wrong — but my guess is that it will be in 2012 before the next version of Diablo sees any light.

2012, the end of the world, end of the Mayan Calendar, may just be the start of the game for Diablo.  I can wait for the end but it is becoming difficult to wait for III and most likely Diablo 3’s  release date is still undecided.

Diablo 3’s Release Date Still Undecided

Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Yes it’s true Diablo fans, Diablo III is real and from the looks of it should be out by Christmas 2008. Now Blizzard hasn’t committed to an official date since:

It’s too early to estimate Diablo III’s release date. As with all Blizzard Entertainment games, our goal is to create a game that is as fun, balanced, and polished as possible. We intend to take as much time developing Diablo III as is necessary to ensure the game meets our own high expectations and those of our players.

But as you can see from the gameplay trailers, Blizzard has invested large amounts of time into the project and a release is just around the corner.

Diablo III Screen Shot 22

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