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Ice Road Truckers – Big Blizzard Cools Off West Coast Heat Wave

With sweltering temperatures on the West Coast, the Ice Road Truckers will be a refreshing show that promises to cool you off tonight.  I just hope that the show tonight will not put me asleep at the wheel again.

There’s something missing in season two.  Perhaps the newness of the show just wore off or the baldness of the drivers simply are causing the show to loose traction.

But there’s a big blizzard that makes the roads impassable and dangerous.  This means that the roads are shutdown with hardly no action.

It looks like Drew is going to get to drive on the ice tonight. But in his typically un-ice-trucker like character gets sick.  I sure hope he tosses up a few cookies instead of that “not tonight dear, I have a headache” attitude.

Yawn…  Ice Road Truckers is already putting me asleep just thinking about it.

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