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Congress Should Drink Lean One Shakes to Reduce Deficit

Congress needs to go on a diet to reduce deficit spending.  Perhaps they should drink lean one shakes like Sarah Palin did to drop 4 dress sizes.

Just imagine if our deficit was only 1/4 the size of what it currently is, we could go on a shopping spree to rebuild this country and get off oil dependence once and for all.

Yes, Congress needs to go on a diet, and lean one may be our only hope.

The Secret Michael Phelps Diet

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has a secret diet that keeps him fit and trim: just eat about 10 times more food than an normal person does everyday.

To offset the 12,000 per day calorie diet, Phelps swims and swims and swims…   You would be surprised what Phelps eats in this diet video:

1500 lb Super Earth Man Needs to Lose Weight

If you haven’t heard the about the Super Earth discovered, it’s about 7.5 the mass of Earth.

Thought of the day: If the gravity is proportional to the mass difference, my 200 lb frame is 1500 lbs on that planet.  Now that’s phat and I need to go on a diet.

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