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My Playgirl Career Ends in Chapter 11

Sad news today: my career as a Playgirl model ended today when I found out the magazine decided to close up shop.  I feel bankrupt, totally Chapter 11.

I took me over a year to get buff and big, if you know what I mean; and I finally got up enough courage to call Playgirl to get the balls rolling…

But now, my hope and dreams of modeling on Playgirl has shriveled away…

Sarah Palin Drinks Lean One Shakes

Interesting fact that Sarah Palin drinks Lean One Shakes to keep up her nutrition content while on the campaign trail.

Apparently she dropped down to a size 4 drinking the Lean One mixture and was forced to spend 150k on new clothes.

I don’t know if it is true, but I need to keep this fact away from my girlfriend because if she starts drinking Lean One shakes like Sarah Palin, she’ll want a new wardrobe too!.

Miss USA Trips — Again

What’s up with Miss USA always tripping and falling on their butt? For a repeat performance, Miss USA, Crystle Stewart tripped at the Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam.

What’s even worse, after slipping on too-long gown, she gets up with great poise and claps. No shame at all.

Peter Cook Pays Diana Bianchi $300K to Keep Mouth Shut

I can’t believe that Peter Cook paid Diana Bianchi $300K to keep her mouth shut.  It’s obvious that bribes in whatever form never work.  Just say goodbye and go separate ways.

Now they’re both in trouble, Cook with his ex Christy Brinkley and Bianchi with the IRS. (I believe you can receive gifts up to $10K without reporting it.)

You don’t suppose that Diana Bianchi reported the $300K to the IRS do you?  Or, perhaps it was a severance package when she parted company.

Victoria Secret Sued Over Defective Thong

Victoria Secret is being sued over a defective thong.  I can’t speak from experience, but thongs look pretty uncomfortable to wear but according to Lis Sowerbutts,  the plaintiff, Marcida Patterson, claims her thong attacked her.

Apparently, a piece of metal on the defective thong flew off  and struck her in the eye while putting on her panties.

When asked to produce to offending thong, the plaintiff’s lawyers failed to produce the item.

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