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Up and Up go the Disneyland Tickets

Published on Jun 10, 2013

http://bit.ly/1aUdJLS – Click Link to Left tor read my 8th tip:
The “CASH VALUE” Trick

Wow, I was surprised that Disney raised the Park Hopper ticket price to $137 in June 2013, and I want to to share with you seven tips I have used to buy my tickets over the years. So I put together this quick PowerPoint video to show you how to save some money the next time you visit the park.

Of course, the best deal you can get is by purchasing multi-day passes or Annual Passports. But you have to realize that you have to use those passes and want to go to Disneyland several times a year just to break even.

I outline this strategy on this webpage, so please visit if you want to learn more:


To Infinity and Beyond


To Infinity and Beyond.

or the Never Ending Story?

Stupid things to do to your dachshund

I’m not exactly sure I would put this on a dachshund since my Rot likes to eat hot dogs and he would think that this is one big dog to take a bite out of.

Amplify’d from 3doxies.com

Classic Hot Dog Costume for Your Dachshund

Weiner Dog Costume (Photo: ohmydogsupplies.com)
I’ve seen other dogs wearing the bun, but it just doesn’t look right.  Usually when other dogs sport the bun, their legs are too long or the bun is too large making the dog look like an out of place hot dog.

Read more at 3doxies.com


Logout page from Google

Just clipping. Peace!

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You have been signed out. Sign in to see your stuff.

Sign in Don’t have a personalized Google homepage? Get started.

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Prop 19 – Legalize It

November 2 is just a few weeks away and the pot dispensaries are push more than dope. That is with a foothold in the door, they have nothing to loose if Prop 19 fails and everything to gain if it passes.

I no longer have to go to my doctor to ask him for script to get high because I have chronic back pain. The Advil doesn’t seem to work anymore and forget surgery.

So you doppy voters, legalize it for me.

State Court Expected to Overturn Prop 8 Same Sex Marriage

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today:

The California state Supreme Court will rule Tuesday on a challenge to Proposition 8, the ballot measure that reinstated California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

I predicted back in November:

that Proposition 8 will be overturned as unconstitutional by the same courts that ruled in favor of gay marriage in the first place.

California courts are known to overturn liberal bills and amendments such as Prop. 8 even though the people have passed the new law in general elections.

I’m fairly certain that my prediction will come true and all people will have the same protection regardless of race, religion or sexual preference.

Gold Off Recent High

Gold has been dropping like a “gold brick” in the past week and is retracting from a recent high of $1000 per ounce.  This perhaps is a good buying opportunity before it shoots up again.

The only problem is that gold is scarce but I keep calling all the local dealers to see if someone is selling.  Usually on dips, the dips sell and the smart people buy.  Hopefully a few dips will sell their gold tomorrow.

One dealer just got in a 1000 oz. bar of silver.  It was hard to believe that this silver brick was nearly 63 lbs.  He wanted about 14k for it.  Now if it was gold and I had a spare $939,000, I would have bought it.

Gold $900 Oz

Gold pushed upward to $899.10/oz today!  I’m sure it’s heading much higher once everyone figures out that paper money isn’t back by anything but a bunch of politicians full of hot air…

IMO, gold is heading upwards.  How high nobody knows but some gold prognosticators think it’s heading to $5000 an ounce.  Perhaps this will happen when start calling this economic collapse the “Great Great Depression.”

I bought two Krugerrands this week at $858/oz so I’m a little ahead for this week.  Now I’m not really looking at gold as an investment, but as a hedge to preserve wealth when the USD dies with a loud hissing sound.  But it’s good to know that the gold I got for $800/oz last November is worth more than I paid for.

Holiday Sales Party Thrown: Nobody Shoes Up

Today I predict that holiday sales will be dismal — a party thrown — which nobody shows up.

With deep-cut pre-Christmas sales having no effect on customer spending habits, why do stores think that lowering prices another 10 or 20 percent will entice customers to part with their money?

With a deep deflationary cycle going on in the world, simply wait a few months when the prices will be deeply discounted.  Simply wait and only buy the things you need instead of want — because — it’s cool to be frugal.

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Will There Be an After Christmas Sales Stampede at Walmart

Will there be an after christmas sales stampede at Wal Mart this Friday?  My prediction there is going to be a huge rush to bring back gifts that nobody really wanted in the first place.

Dump them off and then go get something on sale.  How many will get hurt in the stampede for getting 50 to 80 percent off.

Stay home folks and save your money for the upcoming economic colaspe.

Price of Gold Shoots Up Over $800

The price of gold did a jump shot and hit $800 today.  With a price increase of over $50, gold is becoming … well gold again…  He shoots … Gooooold, Goooooold, Gooooold, Gooooold … I guess you have to watch a soccer match announced in Spanish.

I wanted to buy gold earlier this week when it was hovering around $700.  Doh, sometimes you want to kick yourself.

I wasn’t able to make it to the bank until today to withdraw the money for the purchase and I hate carry a couple of grand around with me.  The money is still safer in the bank for now…

It’s really hard to get gold on the street since none of the coin dealers have it in stock.  But with last dip, people got scared and started to sell.  I was only able to get a few ozs:

  • 2 oz of the California Gold Coin
  • 1/2 oz gold eagle
  • 1/4 oz Canadian dollar

Hurricane Ike Rips Through Galveston, TX

Our prayers go out to all who affected by Hurricane Ike. Galveston Texas was hit hard as it took the full brunt of the center of the hurricane.

Hurricane proof windows are a good idea but many residents but low lying suburbs of Huston were flooded from the storm surge.

One-tonne marble monuments dedicated to the building of the storm wall after the 1903 Galveston hurricane were moved several feet from the powerful tidal surge.

The Evil Trash I Talk About

Where’s the Beef Recall?

I’m not worried about the beef recall simply because I don’t eat meat.  It was a conscious decision I made over a year ago never to eat beef again.   All for the better.

But what about you?  Why are you still eating meat when you run the risk of getting E. Coli or even worse, Mad Cow’s Disease?

Just to be fair, we vegetarians had a spinach scare last year, and a recent outbreak on tomatoes.  But if you wash your veggies there’s very little risk.

Try that with ground beef.  I guess you can burn it to crisp to kill all the critters, but then try eating the piece of leather.

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