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Wal-Mart Deaths Avoidable

Jdimytai Damour, 34 was crushed to death early Friday morning by a stampede of Walmart shoppers. According to the Local 1500, the Wal-Mart death was avoidable:

“This incident was avoidable,” said Bruce Both, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, the state of New York’s largest grocery worker’s union.

Bruce Both continues:

“This is not just tragic; it rises to a level of blatant irresponsibility by Wal-Mart,” he said.

Trampled worker’s dad speaks

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Police Seek Wal-Mart Shoppers in Stampede Death

On a good note, the police are reviewing video tapes to see if they can identify the Wal-mart shoppers who caused the death of a temporary worker yesterday.  I doubt they’ll learn anything.

Indentifying Individuals in Wal-Mart Death Prove Difficult

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting:

Criminal charges were possible, but identifying individual shoppers in Friday’s video may prove difficult, said Detective Lt. Michael Fleming, a Nassau County police spokesman.

Ultimately, Wal-Mart is responsible for the death of its worker and the safety of the shoppers.  When you’re being pushed from behind by a mob of 2000 eager shoppers to save a few bucks, I’m fairly certain all you’ll want to do is get out of the way or end up trampled yourself.

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