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You Know the Economy is in the Tank When I Don’t Buy a new Car

Friday I took my Avalon to the dealer to get some badly needed service. I’ve been holding off on tires and a few other things — that eventually ran upwards to $1100 in repairs — to put the money on the payment on a new car.

Normally I just would have told the dealer to piss off, but at 160k miles, a new timing belt was probably needed and if the economy gets bad, who wants to spend the money on major repairs.

I’ve been trying to get rid of the Avalon for several years now, but with the perception that the economy is in the crapper, who wants to make a major purchase? It’s not like I can’t pay cash for the car, but I would rather hoard it right now. After all, McBush says you can’t get a car loan anyways regardless of your credit.

It was amazing to see that the dealer had a dozen or so Toyota Prius’. Months earlier they had a shortage of the car now the have a shortage of customers. I still think the Toyota Prius is Still Ugly even if they give them away.

But for now, I’ll keep my Avalon for another year and wait for the good deals to follow.

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