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Best Cyber Monday Deals

Peter Davis brings you a list of the best Cyber Monday Deals. No bullets to dodge at Toys ‘R’ Us, no stampeding Wal-Mart Shoppers. Just a mad rush to find the best online deals.

Best Cyber Monday Deal 1

The first on the list is Amazon. My old favorite where you always find a good deal. This company you can buy just about anything at a discount. Shipping is typically free (and it is still early enough before Christmas for free shipping.)

Cyber Monday Deal 1 goes to Amazon with … the Holiday Toy List.

Best Cyber Monday Deal 2

The second on the list is Best Buy. Why go to that boxy blue store when a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to get that special gift? Now of course, Best Buy extended this deal from Sunday to Monday, so you probably missed the first 24 hrs of the great electronics sale.

Never fear, Cyber Monday Deal 2 goes to Best Buy cause they’re also having a Cyber Week Deal.

Best Cyber Monday Deal 3

The third, and last on the list is Shopzilla. Now if you haven’t found that gift at Amazon or Best Buy, ShopZilla has just about everything you can think of. And if you can’t think of anything, try their Holiday Gift Guide to Deals.

But hurry folks, you only have 24 18 12 … more hours to shop until all the best Cyber Monday Deals are gone!

I Want a Micro Bullet RC Helicopter For Christmas

With all the shootings and stampedes going on, sometimes its best to shop online for Christmas Presents.  No bullets to dodge, no people to run you over…  Just get me a Micro Bullet RC Helicopter and I’ll fly over this mess…

Anyway, even though I’m a big kid, I always want a remote control helicopter to play around with.  Something small enough to fly inside the house, or over the cubical wall to buzz my officemates.  (I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for this.)

To my beautiful girlfriend: I noticed that at Woot! you can get a Micro Bullet RC Helicopter for under ten bucks.  Add in another $5 and you can avoid the bullets and stampedes.

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