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Man Saves Dog From Shark Attack

What would you do if your dog was attacked by a shark? I would jump in risking life and limb to beat the crap out of the shark until the beast let go of my dog.

This is exactly what Greg LeNoir of Florida Australia did to save his rat terrier from a vicious 5 foot shark that attacked his dog. This is exactly what every pet owner would do to save their animal.

LeNoir, the man who saves his dog from a shark, his dog, and the shark all survived the attack.

Florida Lies in Hurricane Fay’s Projected Path

NOAA is reporting that Florida lies in the way of Hurricane Fay’s projected path. Visitors and tourists of the Keys were ordered to evacuate the oncoming tropical storm.

NOAA expects Fay to upgrade to a category one hurricane once it hits the projected path on the South Western tip of Florida.

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