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4th of July — Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, Corn on the Cob, and Fireworks

July 4th, 2008. A time to celebrate the birth of an experiment over two hundred years ago. Of course we celebrate it by gorging ourselves with hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie, corn on the cob and fireworks and avoid the true sacrifice of Democracy.

Ah… the American Dream of over abundance and shameful indulgence. A bankrupt nation where the rich politicians ship jobs over sea to the lowest bidder. A nation without representation unless you’re a multinational corporation.

Our country will experience the eye-opening fate the Russians experienced the past decade when the “wall came down” only to find that their government lied to them and the sacrifice they paid dearly for a bad experiment in dictatorship.

Like the communists, our government has become the brutal dictatorship we’ve feared that ignores laws set forth over 200 years ago to protect the democracy of the people. How many more wars, torture, and espionage against private citizens of this country before our eyes are opened to the truth that we’re no better than the Soviets.

It will be a painful day when this revelation happens. But before it happens, our leaders will rape and pillage every last ounce of wealth out of the citizens by deflating the dollar and inflating unwarranted oil prices.

It may be a warm July 4th, 2008, but wait until this winter when oil hits $300 per barrel and you can’t afford to heat your home or drive to work. Wait until there are no groceries in the market cause no one can afford to deliver them. Prepare, because this is the Democracy we paid for.

Today is July 4th. A time to celebrate an illusion of democracy with hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie, corn on the cob. And fireworks, the world has yet to see in modern history.

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