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California Prop 8 poll results pass with a narrow margin.  Proposition 8, an initiative Constitutional Amendment, eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry.

I predict that Proposition 8 will be overturned as unconstitutional by the same courts that ruled in favor of gay marriage in the first place.

California courts are known to overturn liberal bills and amendments such as Prop. 8 even though the people have passed the new law in general elections.

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  1. onmysoapbox said:

    On the corner of my street there is a house. It has, oh, SEVEN “Yes on 8” signs on the lawn. the house across from it has about 4 “No on 8” signs. Does having more signs make you MORE right?
    I am sure it’s no coincidence that this house also had the porch light off on Halloween. Good thing, too, because I wouldn’t want my children eating their candy anyway. It might turn them “religious”, and we can’t have that – not in a civilized society. I don’t want my kids exposed to that “way of life” because they might decide to become “religious” when they are older and, well, what would the neighbors think? That’s why whenever a Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door I quickly send the kids to their rooms before chasing off the soliciting heathen. I don’t want them spreading their message and contaminating the minds of my innocent little darlings. I even cover their eyes whenever we drive by a church.
    If this sounds like a bunch of hooey, that’s because it is. I’d never do that stuff. Yet, it is the closest analogy I can think of when arguing against prop 8. The truth is, I really don’t want my children to be “religious” when they grow up. Especially if they decide to become fanatical about it. I have been down that path and I don’t believe in it. But I am not about to take the above-mentioned actions or put some anti-religious prop on the ballot just because I think it will somehow “protect” my child from the real world. There are far greater dangers out there than some little old ladies handing out pamphlets.
    In my family, we are not religious – we are spiritual. That has a different meaning for everyone in my household, including my girls. They are full of spirit and they know how to use it. In fact, I have found it ten times more difficult to explain to my children why someone would NOT want gay people to marry than to explain why gay people want to marry each other in the first place. Tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love – kids get the concept easily because they are born with these innate senses. They are naturally equipped with compassion – they just need to be taught the vocabulary to express it when the opportunity arises. When I see a child waving a “Yes on 8” sign, shouting at people across the street, I can’t help but think of an opportunity missed. Sad, really.
    The world will teach them plenty about cruelty and intolerance and hate – we don’t even need to bother with those lessons. But we should be asking ourselves, will they be on the giving or the receiving end of those atrocities, and will they have the skills they need to make the right choice when the time comes?
    As much as I’d like to mow down that picket fence and flatten all 7 of those ridiculous signs, I won’t. Keep them up year-round, Neighbor, as a testament to your “victory”. In fact, thank you for making them so visible that, when my child asks why such a sign exists, the opportunity to do the right thing will not be missed. Not by me.

  2. So, let me see if I get this correct. Prop 8 bans gay marriage. and Prop 4 provides abortion limits…. it appears Prop 8 is going to pass and Prop 4 is going to fail…. so am I to understand that California folks are for killing babies and limiting love…. dang skippy… nothing like people voting on the rights of other people….

  3. Sarah Failin said:

    Backwards ppl from the dark ages.
    Such hate & ignorance will insure the US stays behind in the world.

  4. Prop 8 is an important milestone in our history. While we voted in and getting ready to install an Afrikan American as president, we fail to recognize the rights of others.

  5. […] predicted back in November that I predict that Proposition 8 will be overturned as unconstitutional by the same courts that ruled in favor of gay marriage in the first […]

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