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Gas prices have skyrocketed on the average nearly 20 cents per gallon since Hurricane Ike hit Galveston TX this weekend.

The Colonial Pipeline which supplies fuel to the South and East Coast was shutdown with two back-to-back hurricanes. According to a press on Sept. 10,

Colonial Pipeline is at full operating capabilities following power outages caused by Hurricane Gustav. The storm knocked out electricity at three central Louisiana stations on Sept. 1 and forced Colonial to operate at reduced rates for nearly a week.

It is unclear to what extent the major artery for supplying fuel was affected by Ike. Some areas in Alabama are seeing gasoline shortages and prices as high as $5.29 per gallon. The price hikes are localized to the South and East Coast while West Coast prices remain steady.

Comments on: "Gas Prices Skyrocket After Hurricane Ike Hits Gulf Coast" (2)

  1. I agree a 20-cent per gallon hike in gas prices is unpleasant, but I wouldn’t call it skyrocketing. Knoxville area and much of Georgia suffered obscene price jumps of at least 85 cents and, reportedly, up to $4.999 per gallon. Some of that is media hype and it’s definitely exacerbated by people panicking and making a run on the gas stations. It’s not the end of the world, folks. No need to act like frenzied sharks with blood in the water. Remember the Depression? Then again, I think there’s a lot of profiteering going on as well, from station operators right up to Big Oil.

    All of the US and Canada have seen rising prices blamed on Ike. The hikes are not a localized thing. One Canadian blogger questioned why they’re seeing 50-cent a gallon increases when they don’t get oil from the Gulf. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Oh, yeah. That profiteering thing.

    As for who was hardest hit with increases, GasBuddy has a cool gas price map. It shows Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois with the highest costs in the continental US. The southeast and up to the Great Lakes states is next up. I’m sure you’re right about the Colonial pipeline having a significant role in that.

  2. Peter, you probably don’t even remember me from Trinity. I grew up in Ca. and you were always very nice to me. My name in college was Ann Gallagher. How can we help? Please just email and let us know if our donations are needed or if you need physical labour. We live in Az. but my husband is a homebuilder and willing to come and help you rebuild.
    God Bless Ya’ll and keep the faith,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day,
    Ann Diemer

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