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Bigfoot Sightings Remains Illusive

Yesterday, since Searching for Bigfoot announced that they would provide DNA evidence on the Bigfoot remains found in Georgia, sighting confessions have been popping up all over the internet.

Now that remains of a sasquatch was found in the northern part of Georgia, everyone is seeing the “Big Guy” all over the place.

Yet the creature seems illusive to me and it escapes me that after closely examining the picture of Bigfoot in the freezer, the face reminds me of the Gorilla suit worn by one on the actors in the movie Trading Places.

Time will tell when the DNA evidence suggest that the Bigfoot Whitton and Dyer actually found was a Gorilla.

“Galloping Gourmet” Julia Child an OSS Spy

The National Archives released documents identifying the legendary “Galloping Gourmet” chef Julia Child as an OSS spy.

The documents listed over 24,000 individuals, including Julia Child, whom worked as World War II operatives in defeating fascist Germany.

During WW II, Child worked at OSS Headquarters in Washington D.C. for General William J. Donovan where she typed up thousands of names on white note cards used to keep track of officers.

The Secret Michael Phelps Diet

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has a secret diet that keeps him fit and trim: just eat about 10 times more food than an normal person does everyday.

To offset the 12,000 per day calorie diet, Phelps swims and swims and swims…   You would be surprised what Phelps eats in this diet video:

Body of Bigfoot Found in Georgia

Two hunters claim to found a body of an animal which resembles the mythical Bigfoot creature in Georgia. The creature was found by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer in the woods in northern GA.

Dyer and Whitton literally put the Bigfoot body on ice storing the dead animal in a freezer to preserve the remains.

Some interesting facts about the Bigfoot creature is that

  • The creature’s foot measures over 16 inches long; hence the Bigfoot name
  • The creature weighs over 500 lbs
  • The creature is over 7′ tall

Did Whitton and Dyer really find Bigfoot? Or is this just another publicity stunt? According to Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., they will report the DNA test results on the body to determine what this creature is to determine if a new species was found called “Bigfoot.”

American Idol Brooke White Debuts CD

Top 5 American Idol finalist Brooke White is debuting her first album “Songs From the Attic” and is available at her website brookewhite.com.

Not only is a very talented artist and singer, she’s very humble.  I just love it when Brooke White screws up the first cord in “Every Breath You Take” and immediately regains composure on the next beat.

I’m sure that this is where she lost the American Idol contest but like a true pro, Brooke admits her mistake to the American Idol Judges.

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