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NOAA is reporting that Florida lies in the way of Hurricane Fay’s projected path. Visitors and tourists of the Keys were ordered to evacuate the oncoming tropical storm.

NOAA expects Fay to upgrade to a category one hurricane once it hits the projected path on the South Western tip of Florida.

December 2008: Was the impact as bad as we thought?

Comments on: "Florida Lies in Hurricane Fay’s Projected Path" (3)

  1. Harry Knopp said:

    http://www.USAMediaGuide.com has a special “Tropical Storm Fay” section with links to local Fort Myers news outlets and webcams. An easy way to keep track of the storm.

  2. NOAA Good said:

    I don’t know if NOAA has predicted this one correctly. It sure looks like it’s going east to Miami

  3. http://hummingbunny.wordpress.com/2008/08/16/tropical-storm-fay-florida/

    The center is still spinning near Key West and it is likely at the 8/18 8PM update that Fay will be much stronger than 60mph and possibly a hurricane. There is strong development in the north and west quadrants and feeder bands in the south closing the center of circulation.

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