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Two hunters claim to found a body of an animal which resembles the mythical Bigfoot creature in Georgia. The creature was found by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer in the woods in northern GA.

Dyer and Whitton literally put the Bigfoot body on ice storing the dead animal in a freezer to preserve the remains.

Some interesting facts about the Bigfoot creature is that

  • The creature’s foot measures over 16 inches long; hence the Bigfoot name
  • The creature weighs over 500 lbs
  • The creature is over 7′ tall

Did Whitton and Dyer really find Bigfoot? Or is this just another publicity stunt? According to Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., they will report the DNA test results on the body to determine what this creature is to determine if a new species was found called “Bigfoot.”

Comments on: "Body of Bigfoot Found in Georgia" (7)

  1. Zach Coulter said:

    And by “DNA test results” they mean “more stuff we made up while hanging out in our mother’s basement”.

  2. @Zach, can’t wait to see if the body of Bigfoot is a prank or not. DNA tests should confirm it. Just have to wait until Aug-15.

  3. Eric Smith said:

    This is insane. They will not even talk about who is doing the research on the DNA? If they named a reputable research facility with that facility giving a press release (gaining free commercial publicity), they might gain some credibility with skeptics. By announcing allegations, what do you gain? If you are afraid of someone taking your find, why announce anything until you have concrete facts supported by objective research? Who is their legal counsel and why is he/she not telling them to stay the heck off of the internet?

    I smell something here and it ain’t skunk-ape.

  4. A stunt to publicize a business, obviously. No involvement from a reputable lab, how keen we are to jump at this nonsense, that’s the real story.

  5. bookwormhub said:

    better verify this news.

  6. how dothey nowifthatistrue

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